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Placing Online Orders

Shopping Bag

You can order quickly and easily through the Perfumora website and iPhone app. Please note, Perfumora does not carry or sell all the products shown on our website. We only currently sell items through our Boutiques, which can be found at Shop -- a collection of the brands we think you'll love. The other products listed on our site are for social purposes so that you can read reviews and find looks or videos that contain those products.

To add items to your shopping bag, simply click on Add to Bag of the item you wish to buy.

To remove an item, click the link under the item name labeled "Remove" - your shopping bag will automatically recalculate so you can see your new total.

To change the quantity of items, change the number in the box under the "Qty" column - your shopping bag will automatically recalculate, indicating both the unit price and the total price of the quantity added.

At this time, we only accept and deliver orders to the following countries:

You must be at least 13 years of age with a valid credit card to make an online purchase.

Payment Information & Shop Credits

If you have a shop credit with Perfumora, it will be automatically used towards your order as the first payment method. The remaining balance can be paid for by credit card or Affirm.

Shop credits cannot be used towards shipping charges.

You can store multiple credit cards to use for your Perfumora purchase. Select one credit card for the payment of your order.


From time to time Perfumora will offer access to special items for pre-order before launch.

Pre-orders differ from regular orders in the following ways:
  1. Your credit card will be charged immediately to secure your item.
  2. Pre-orders are not eligible for promotions or discounts.
  3. Pre-orders ship on the date and via the method indicated on your order confirmation. Should the expected ship date change, we will notify you via email.

If you have any questions about pre-orders please contact us at help@perfumora.com.

Order Confirmation Email

Immediately after you have successfully placed your order with Perfumora, you will receive an email that contains information regarding the details of your order. The order confirmation e-mail is your receipt that can be printed for your records. The order confirmation email includes your order number (the same number that appeared on our web site after successful submission of an order), the details of the products and corresponding prices, any online credits and/or promotions, and your ship-to and bill-to information.

If you have successfully charged a Perfumora order to Affirm, you will receive a confirmation text message and email from Affirm.

Keep in mind you can only cancel your order while it is in the “Submitted” stage. Once your order is in the “Processing” or “Shipped” stage(s), we cannot cancel or modify your order.

You can always check your order status by clicking on Your Order History. After signing in, you can obtain the status of all orders placed.


Shipping Information - Delivery to United States

Perfumora offers free shipping to United States on all orders $100 USD and up. (After any applicable discounts are applied.) For all other orders, we offer $10 USD flat rate shipping. Orders ship via FedEx. Orders placed before 3:30pm PST Monday - Friday ship the same day, with 3-4 day shipping or faster.

Shipping Costs & Delivery Times for USA

Orders must be placed by 12pm EST to start processing on the same day. Processing time usually takes 1 business day. Delivery times are based on orders placed between Monday – Friday.

Shipping Method
Costs Total Delivery Time
(including processing time)
Standard 3 Day Shipping
(Orders $100 and over)
FREE 4 business days
3 Day Shipping
(Orders under $100)
$7.95 4 business days
2 Day Shipping
$12.95 3 – 4 business days
1 Day Shipping
$18.95 2 – 3 business days
USPS Priority $8.95 3 – 5 business days
Gift Cards
FREE 3 – 5 business days

If your order contains a hazmat item, it will ship ground (2-8 days total delivery time.)

Check Out

As you check out, you’ll see the total price, including applicable duties, taxes, shipping and handling fees, in U.S. dollars ($USD) before you place your order. Your credit card will be charged in $USD according to the total displayed during checkout.

Customs Duties and Sales Taxes

Duties and taxes (when applicable) are calculated after you enter your shipping information at checkout. Please review your order total before placing your order.

Perfumora collects these fees when you place your order and pays the fees directly to customs on your behalf so no payment is required upon delivery.

Should you ever receive a demand for payment of such duties or taxes from either our shipper or from any customs authorities, please contact us immediately at service@perfumora.com, as such payment should not be required.

Shipping Restrictions

Perfumora offers shipping throughout United States on most items. However, certain items are not eligible. These include aerosols and alcohol-based products (hair spray, nail polish, nail polish remover, brush cleaner, perfume, etc), export restricted items, and items with licensing restrictions.

Shipping Address

Make sure to provide accurate city, state/province, and zip/postal code information. Remember to spell out the city to which you’re shipping the order. Many times abbreviations, misspellings, and other typos can result in errors in this section.

After your order ships, delivery times may vary, according to the location of your shipping address. Business days are Monday–Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States.

Shipping & Packaging

Products are wrapped in paper and delivered in a durable cardboard box.

Email help@perfumora.com if you have any questions about when your order will arrive.

Business Days & Holidays

All orders ship Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States. For Standard 3 Day shipping, 2 Day and 1 Day Shipping: orders must be placed by 12pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) to be processed on the same business day otherwise it will be processed the next day.

Packages do not ship from our distribution centers on the following holidays (UPS orders only):

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanks giving
  • Christmas

Tracking Orders

When your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation e-mail. The majority of our orders are shipped within 1-2 business days after the order has been placed. The e-mail will contain shipment details, your tracking number, and a link to the selected carrier site. To track the order, click on the tracking number located near the bottom of the e-mail. To track an order on Perfumora.com, visit the My Account area. You will need to sign in to access your account information. You may also call Perfumora’s Customer Service at to track your order.

For more information or questions, please email or call 1- 844-PERFUMORA (1-844-737-3866) Monday – Friday: 6am – 9pm PST, Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 5pm PST.

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB Cards.

When your credit card is authorized, funds are put on hold until the transaction is completed. When the order is shipped, the payment is processed.

Your billing address information must be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If any numbers are different, the order cannot be processed.

Contact your financial institution if you need the exact billing address associated with your credit card.

We regret that we cannot accept prepaid credit cards at this time.

For your security, Perfumora requires you to enter your 3- or 4-digit card identification security codes (CVV). See below for help with credit card identification numbers.

Visa/MC/Discover Card Customers:
Your Security Code/CVV (Card Identification Number) is in the signature area on the back of the card (it is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card account number). Visa/MC/Discover customer CVVs are 3 digits.

American Express Customers:
Your Security Code/CVV (Card Identification Number) is a 4-digit number on the front of the card, ABOVE the embossed (raised) credit card account number. American Express customer CVVs are 4 digits.

Debit Cards

The amount of your order is held on your debit card and the debit card owner does not have access to these funds until the hold is taken off. Holds usually last 3 - 5 business days and may vary with your financial institution.

Holds are usually taken off within 3 - 5 business days. Policies differ from bank to bank. Call your financial institution for more details.

We regret to inform we cannot accept prepaid debit cards at this time.

Flexible Payments (Available in select countries)

Pay one-third of your balance at checkout (plus all taxes, duties, and shipping costs), and pay the rest in two monthly payments, automatically charged to your card on file. If your order exceeds $300, Perfumora may require a higher initial payment.

By submitting the initial payment for your order using Flexible Payments, you are authorizing Perfumora to automatically charge your credit card (or another payment method on file) for your scheduled payments. Perfumora may retry your payment method(s) if we are unable to successfully capture a scheduled payment.

There is no interest or fees. The payment schedule and amounts due are displayed at checkout.

Flexible Payments are available to qualifying customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on eligible orders which total $100 or more. No credit check is required.

If you have any questions about Flexible Payments, please see the Flexible Payments page or contact us at service@perfumora.com.

Pay with Affirm (Available in the U.S.)

Affirm offers financing options that let you check out with no credit card required. To approve your charge, they verify your identity using your mobile phone number and birthday. Affirm will give you payment instructions and due dates when you check out.

For more details, visit Affirm. If you need any help from Affirm, please email help@affirm.com.

Shop Credit

Shop credits are automatically applied to your Perfumora order as the first method of payment.

Shop credit is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash and cannot be used towards shipping charges.

Shop credits will be returned to your Perfumora account in the event of a return or cancelled order.

Checks & Money Orders

Perfumora does not accept personal checks or money orders as a form of payment for online orders.

Fraud Protection

All payment forms are subject to verification and review by Perfumora. Perfumora reserves the right to refuse to process any transaction, sale, or shipment of orders due to suspected fraud or unauthorized or illegal activity.

Returns & Exchanges


If you are less than completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return your order within 30 days (from the delivery date) for a full refund. We regret that we are unable to cover return shipping costs or refund the original shipping charges unless the return was due to our error.

If you would like to return an order:
  1. Contact us to receive return instructions and address
  2. Ship us the returned item(s) with the original packaging, including any associated free products or gifts along with the returned order.
  3. Once we have received your package, your refund will be issued in the original payment method within 7 business days. Any store credits used will populate back to your account immediately. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any applicable duties and taxes from international orders.


We are unable to offer exchanges, but we are glad to assist you in returning your order and completing a new order for the new item(s) you want.

If you would like to exchange your item(s):
  1. Contact us to receive return instructions and address.
  2. Ship us the returned item(s) with the original packaging, including any associated free products or gifts along with the returned order.
  3. Once we have received your package, we will process a store credit to your profile which will appear on your account immediately.

Your Account & Profile

Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset your password at the Forgot Password Page. Just enter the email address you used to sign up for Perfumora and we'll send you an email containing instructions to reset your password.

Profile Settings

You can update your name, e-mail address and password by going to the General Settings section of the Your Account Page.

* Note - these actions can only be done on the web at this time. We will be adding this feature to the app shortly.

Editing Profile

You can update your Perfumora profile as well as link/unlink/edit your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts by going to Edit Profile section of the Your Account Page.

* Note - these actions can only be done on the web at this time. We will be adding this feature to the app shortly.



You can manage your photos by going to Your Photos, found in the drop-down menu under your name. On this page you can upload, edit and delete photos. You can also see how many views, likes, and comments your photos have received.

Please refrain from uploading other people’s work. We want to be see your most creative and inspiring beauty-related photos! Don’t be afraid to get imaginative and have fun!

For a chance to be featured, make sure to upload clear, high resolution photos that show off the details of your work. And don’t forget to categorize by photo type, and tag your photos with the products you used to create your look. (Note - these actions can only be done on the web at this time. We will be adding this feature to the app shortly.)

For more tips on taking awesome photos, check out the links below:
Photography Tips for a Beautiful Shot
Framing the Perfect Beauty Shot
Lighting Tips to Make Your Makeup Shine
Inexpensive Tutorial Lighting Tips
Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Perfect Camera


Perfumora reviews provide members with an insightful account experience with a particular product. To view or post a review of a product simply use the search tool in the upper left hand corner of the home page or visit the our Reviews Page.

Useful reviews sometimes include the product application, color, and texture; comparisons to similar products; and the value of the product. The same product often works differently for every person, so be sure to include any personal characteristics that might have affected your experience.

For more information visit our Review Guidelines

If there is a product you would like to review but cannot find it on Perfumora, suggest it! You can do so by visiting our Product Suggestion Form.

You can manage, edit and share your reviews by going to “Your Reviews”, found in the drop-down menu under your name. (Note - these actions can only be done on the web at this time. We will be adding this feature to the app shortly.)


You can manage your videos by going to “Your Videos”, found in the drop-down menu under your name or at this link: https://www.perfumora.com/videos/manage. On this page you can link a YouTube Channel, import videos, and also see how many views, likes, and comments your videos have received.

These actions can only be done on the web at this time. We're hoping to add this feature to the iOS and Android apps soon.

Linking your YouTube Channel

To link your YouTube Channel, make sure you are signed into your YouTube account. Click on the “Link your YouTube account and choose videos.” button on the “Your Videos” page. You will then have the ability to link your beauty related videos directly from YouTube.

Tips for video creators

For a chance to be featured, make sure to upload clear, high resolution videos that show off the details of your work. And don’t forget to tag your photos with the products you used to create your look.

For more tips on creating awesome videos, check out the links below:
Best Video Recording Locations
Audio Tips for Video Tutorials
Inexpensive Tutorial Lighting Tips
Finding Your Confidence on Camera
How to Talk to Your Audience
Get Over Recording Jitters
4 Quick Tips to Improving Your Videos
How to Find Inspiration For Your Videos

Notifications & Recent Action

Perfumora is a social environment. You have the ability to “follow” other members, and other members have the ability to interact with you. To “follow” someone, simply click on the gray heart on their profile picture - it will then turn green and show you are now following them. You now have the ability to see their actions on the Perfumora page such as reviews, pictures, photos they like, and topics of discussion they are involved in or have posted.

You can view all of these actions through your Notifications & Recent Actions. You can locate this on the Perfumora homepage in the right hand panel as well as by visiting Your Notifications, found in the drop-down menu under your name.

Your Notifications will show you every interaction with your page where as Recent Actions will show you what the people you have followed are up to.

To see your Notifications via the app, click on “Settings” followed by “Your Notifications”. To view all of your followers, simply visit your profile and scroll down and click on the link that says “See All Of Your Followers”. You can view an entire list of all of your followers there.


Perfumora Talk a great place to interact with the Perfumora community and staff experts while learning and talking openly about everything beauty related.

To view new and popular topics or to start a new conversation, simply visit Talk.

To start a new conversation, click on the green button that says “Start A New Conversation”. Select a Category, A Topic and add a blurb about your topic under “Message”. You can also upload a photo if you choose.

From the app, simply hit the tab that says “talk” and the [+] sign on the bottom of your device screen. Select a Category, A Topic and add a blurb about your topic under “Message”. You can also upload a photo if you choose.

Please keep the topics relevant to their categories and be mindful that your same topic may have already been posted. You can search for relevant topics by visiting www.perfumora.com and using the top search function. Use the pulldown menu on the white search bar to and scroll down to “Talk”. Everything relevant to your topic will then populate - so join in on the conversation! You can also view conversations relevant to your topic or interest by clicking on the categories listed below:

There are a total of 8 categories which include:

Discuss the newest trends in the beauty community. Ask experts and members general beauty-related questions.

Share your work and looks with others. Discuss your favorite products. Share tutorials for looks you’ve mastered!

Show off your newest hair cut, style, or color. Ask experts and members for tutorials on how to create certain styles.

Everyone loves nail art! Show off your favorite polishes, colors, and designs.

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Ask experts and members for beauty recommendations to go with your outfit or share your complete look before a night out.

Makeup Artists & Professionals:
Network and talk with others in the industry in this area reserved for pros.

Makeup Storage & Organizatio:
Share organizing tips and learn how to streamline your beauty collection.

Intros & Promotion:
Introduce yourself and share your profile, YouTube channel, or blog.

We encourage you to get involved with the Perfumora Community but ask that you follow our forum rules to ensure a great experience for everyone. You can view the forum rules at the Forum Rules Page.

We have a zero tolerance policy for uncivil behavior. Our moderators work hard to ensure Perfumora remains a fun, positive environment and we also encourage you to let us know if you ever see something that doesn’t look right. You can either click the “flag” button which will immediately report it to our moderators*, or you can email us directly at help@perfumora.com

* Note - these actions can only be done on the web at this time. We will be adding this feature to the app shortly.

Customer Care

Order Information

You can view information regarding your order on the web via Your Order History found in the drop-down menu under your name or by referencing your email confirmation. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at help@perfumora.com.

Customer Service

Perfumora’s Customer Service is ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us via email at service@perfumora.com.

Beauty Advice

Perfumora’s team of makeup artists and beauty experts are here to help. If you need assistance in anything from color matching to your perfect skin care regimen, we’re here to help. You may email us at help@perfumora.com for a consultation or find us on livechat 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


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